Note: collaboration may be between you + collaborators/participants, you + audience, you + your future self.

Card Sorting*

Present participants with Items to place within predetermined categories (closed), categories they make up (open), or into predetermined categories with the ability to add their own (hybrid).

Choose Your Own Adventure*

The situations and contexts are all set and the viewer has freedoms within the constraints.


A combination or collection of various things. The new composition may possibly make a statement about the found objects and about the (unknowing) collaborator who produced them.

Exquisite Corpse

You don’t see what comes before you, and only see the connected parts afterwards in a grand reveal for all participants. 

Finding 'The Third'

When two people come together and they commit to each other, reallly seeing each one another, and holding the little bit of space between the two of them. Where something new and something separate from both of them can happen. Beyond 'doing' and 'done to'.


You intentionally misunderstand what the person before you said and twist it to be your own thing that makes less sense.

Multiple Choice*

Present your audience with a few predefined options so they can decide what they'd like. Conditions can be offered to help them choose what answers are most correct in the current context.

Negative Space*

Leave a piece of the puzzle to be filled in by the viewer. The piece won't actually be 'complete' until it is actually viewed.


You see a few lines written before you, and use them as the beginning half of your poem. Your lines become the beginning half of the next person’s poem. 

Sailor’s Log

This is a navigational instrument, containing entries both real and imagined. (All of it is true though.) You keep a running log every day of the ship's current conditions/position (based on the stars, etc), though some entries you'll have to assume/make up/act as if you know based on previous entries (since there's no way to know due to a cloudy sky). 

*The participation required actually makes the experience more valuable to the viewer.