Change course

early and often, 

Old will be new again

Time ceases

if we never do the same thing once.


Sprint, sprint, breathe,

Catch up with ourselves.

Time stays, we go.

Encourage inquiry and exploration,

then beg for forgiveness.


Six people studied and patterns revealed.

The seventh person never showed—

Clouds in the breeze.

Press pause,

play back original intentions.


If you give ’em what they think they want

and what they need

You give ’em too much control. 

Detail the how

Leave the why open to interpretation over time.


Context changes forever and for everything,

Look, how they look;

See, how they are.

Create to ask, teach to learn.

Start anywhere when counting stars.


Numbers matter

very little or very much

Background makes foreground.

Focusing on what is 

Renews what was and what could be


Invest thought 

Make the statement to back it up

Learn, unlearn and relearn.

© 2016 Marc Rabinowitz. Some rights reserved.