What it Will Take to Become a Leader

Leadership comes in many forms– not just by those ‘at the top’ or with more seniority. (Typically those people get to the top because they’ve chosen to see themselves as leaders, where there were none!)

Continue to find/creating your own opportunities—That means questioning the way things are, not accepting ‘good enough’, forging new ways forward, and making decisions when no one else will.

Don’t assume you need permission to own parts of the project you’re currently working on. (Beg forgiveness, don’t ask for permission.)

Never let anyone above, on, or below your level see you sweat.

Tow the company line. Evangelize the company.

Work with unparalleled enthusiasm. Never ever let the day to day get in the way of long term vision and g

See from miles to microns.

Foster project ownership among peers and clients.

Understands their own creative disposition—and those of their teammates.

Always able to answer the question “Why?” (Or tries.)

Communicates up, down, and sideways.

Applies steady, constant pressure.

Becoming a Design Leader


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