Systems to Set Up

Pick an app that will facilitate quick upload and retrieval of information. I’m talking like 10 seconds or less! If you want these habits to stick they have to be painless. Your success in this infernal information age will come from having access to the right information at the right moment.

1. Resources

Keep an impeccable filing cabinet where any resource and inspiration can be filed and retrieved. Dropbox or Drive work best here.

(Include my folder structures)

2. List: All clients/projects/your role and responsibilities

You might do a lot of granular work for one client, or many varied projects for multiple clients. Regardless, this will have a few benefits. You can quickly scan it to pick what’s necessary for telling the right story. I.e. If you have a review with your boss.

You can also mirror the the list with a folder structure for your portfolio, so you can just dump assets from the project into that folder as you work.

3. List: All wins/highlights to add to through the year. Include personal, professional, travel.

Did a program you initiated now self sustaining without you? That’s epic! Lead you first project? Host your parents for the first time ever?

Celebrate firsts—it’s beautiful to look back at a high level and remember what mountains you climbed.


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